Luce at Meadow Brook Theatre


"The coarsest moment of the play (and also its most affecting) is a monologue: Luce’s classmate Stephanie (Dana Kreitz) offers a harrowing glimpse into the high school social scene in its real, unvarnished form." - Carolyn Hayes Harmer at Encore Michigan


"Although Stephanie only appears once in the play, her delivery powerfully displays the naïveté Luce should possess at his age, but doesn’t." - Malissa Martin at The Oakland Press



Gender Comedy: A Less Stupid Twelfth Night Gay Fantasia


Dana Kreitz is a great time in her [...] roles.  -Jake Blumgart, Broad Street Review

It's rare to find a first-time playwright [...] take on Shakespeare and win. -Wendy Rosenfield, The Inquirer

Kreitz is new to the Philly scene, but I think we'll be seeing a lot of her. -Ellen Wilson Dilks, Stage Magazine

The Playdaters


Dana Kreitz is terrific as the series of unwitting women who fall prey to their pranks.  -Debra Miller,  Phindie

Marty's Back In Town


Kreitz manages [a] believable [...] character. -Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia Inquirer 

Well paired as spunky sister Lexie. -Lisa Panzer, Stage Magazine

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


Dana Kreitz is very no-nonsense as overachiever Marcy Park... [she] becomes more lighthearted after her character decides to become an under achiever instead.  -Christina Perryman, DelCo News

The Wedding Singer


Dana Kreitz plays Julia's best friend Holly perfectly.  Kreitz [...] is the epitome of the 80's.  - Christina Perryman, DelCo News

Miss Saigon


New Candlelight’s stellar cast, led by Anthony Connell as Chris and Dana Kreitz as Kim, presents a touching show [...]

Kreitz brings both innocence and determination to Kim and the pair work well together. -Christina Perryman,  DelCo News

First-rate production featuring a talented cast who ignited some awe-inspiring moments [...] includ[ing] Sun and Moon, the duet between Kim (Dana Kreitz) and Chris (Anthony Connell), where the chemistry simmered between them, and you could really feel the love in the room. - Lesley Griff, Stage Magazine

 Leads were two newcomers Dana Kreitz (Kim) and Anthony Connell (Chris). These two characters must not only have soaring voices but must sell the pain, pity and pathos and of their relationship.  They are superb. -Greer Firestone 

Spring's Awakening


Dana Kreitz as Ilse uses her restless body language to suggest youth; yet, her growing awareness of her sensuality makes clear that the girl is headed for trouble. - Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Review Journal

Whales, Save Us!


Director Josh Penzell [...] elicits excellent performances from a top-notch cast. - Anthony Del Valle at Las Vegas Review Journal

Reefer Madness: The Musical


Atlas scarclely puts a foot wrong [with a] tireless, versatile cast that handles dance steps and hard-boiled 1930's verbiage with comparable assurance. - David Mckee, Las Vegas City Life

Its exuberant cast gives the production charm. - Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Review Journal

The Atlas cast is fresh and frisky, fully, fearlessly committed to their roles...[They] go for berserk and the show could easily catch on with a cult crowd. -Joe Brown, Las Vegas Sun